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Merle Chambers

  Chambers Family Fund Founder and President Merle C. Chambers
Founder Merle C. Chambers

Chambers Family Fund is the natural outcome of a family tradition of philanthropic and civic engagement. Merle Catherine Chambers created Chambers Family Fund in 1997 to support early care and education of children, women’s economic self-sufficiency, justice, equality and opportunity and arts and culture.

Merle received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of California at Berkeley, her Juris Doctor from Hastings College of the Law, and an LLM from the University of Denver. She participated in the social change movement at Berkeley and was the third woman to reach both the North and South Poles.

Merle founded and managed Axem Resources Incorporated, a privately held, independent oil and gas company, until its sale in 1997. Under Merle’s leadership as president and CEO, Axem was a consistent leader in exploration, development and acquisition projects. The foundation launched women’s funds with permanent endowments in the states where her oil business had significant oil and gas operations. As one of the few women CEOs in a male-dominated industry, Merle helped pioneer women’s leadership in the oil and gas industry. She also served as CEO of Clipper Exxpress, a family-owned multimodal transportation company.

Actively involved in civic, cultural and philanthropic affairs in Colorado, Merle has dedicated her time, expertise and resources to improving the lives of women and families in Colorado and is a national philanthropic leader. In recognition of her dedication, leadership and innovation in philanthropy, Merle has been honored to receive numerous awards.

Merle brings a wealth of private sector skills and knowledge to her work as a philanthropist, having worked with her father, Jerry G. Chambers, a successful executive in the transportation and oil and gas industries. Merle’s mother, Evelyn Hemmings Chambers, devoted much of her time and resources to community participation and charitable giving, setting an early and important example for her daughter.

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