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Funding Guidelines

  Mission and Guidelines

We identify organizations and projects for funding through internal research and in collaboration with other grantmakers and colleagues. We fund established nonprofits and are prohibited from funding individuals. While we have no geographical restrictions on eligibility for funding, we primarily make grants in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region.

We do not accept unsolicited proposals. If you feel your work is well matched with our program areas, you may present your organization and the focus of your work by email to We may request a grant proposal and encourage all prospective grantees to use the Colorado Common Grant Application and the Colorado Common Grant Report.

Funding Philosophy
We seek opportunities to fund organizations within our program areas that serve a unique role in the community, state or region. Much of our grantmaking is made through strategic alliances and partnerships with other funders and grantees.

Our approach is based on an engaged funding philosophy where we partner with other funders and grantees to create positive change. Our cooperative journeys inspire an innovative climate that guides us, our funding partners and our grantees to look beyond traditional contexts and develop creative solutions. Our philosophy adheres to the following principles:

  • We invest in systems change to eliminate barriers for people today and create opportunity for future generations.
  • Beneficial change often requires long term investment, and, to that end, we often provide multi-year general operating support, reflecting the foundation’s commitment to administrative efficiency and flexibility.
  • We build organizational capacity by establishing close, long term relationships with our grantees and encouraging comprehensive planning and program development.
  • We believe it’s necessary to take risks and think creatively to effectively address community needs. Therefore, we are open to unique and unanticipated ideas and projects that fulfill the mission of the foundation.
  • We further believe that sharing knowledge and best practices is an effective way to maximize our grantees’ potential impacts and can often spark innovative thinking, leading to the creation of new frameworks that shape and guide our work.

Birth to five education reform . . . fair wages for women . . . solutions to statewide fiscal problems . . . reproductive rights . . . these are some of the many issues our grantees are addressing with systems change solutions.

If you have questions, please email us at .

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